You are not an ordinary woman

You are the bearer of a precious gift

You are an inspiring woman with something important to share. You are on a courageous journey of self-liberation. It has brought you to a place where you are called to step into something greater – to discover and live your life’s purpose. The desire is huge. It asks you to dare!

But you don’t know where to begin…

You no longer feel inspired by where you are in life. You crave something more. A deeper meaning. To do the work you were born to do. To live an extraordinary life.

You feel unfulfilled and unrealised in a job that has no real meaning for you. What to do?

You have been trying to figure out where you can best fit in with your skillset, talents and interests. You keep moving from one idea to the next. Nothing grabs you. You feel frustrated and you ask:

“What if I never find my calling?”
“What if I have to settle for less than I truly desire?”
“Maybe I am not special at all and have no gifts to share?”
“If I only had a clear vision of what it is that I am here to do, I would be unstoppable!”

But in the meantime, your impatience grows. The thought of not being able to find what makes you truly happy terrifies you. You fear that you are running out of time and wasting the gifts you were born with. Will you ever be able to discover them and share them with the world? Do you even deserve to?

It’s true that you could have a nice career at your current workplace, but you struggle with fully investing yourself in something that doesn’t spark your soul. At the same time, you judge yourself for being ungrateful and for wanting more.

“Why can’t I be like other normal people?” – you wonder.
“Am I just a dreamer? Is this all nothing more than an illusion?”

And yet, you can’t deny the insistent inner voice that tells you not to settle, that drives you onward. Perhaps you have noticed signs and presages in the world around you that seem to point you towards something new. But what?

What you feel inside of you is real and valuable

It’s time to dare!

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