I believe the truth is not what we are told

It is what we discover    

You and I are going to take a journey of discovery! – of your own truth and your own power. This we will accomplish through conversation. Deep, raw, honest conversation that matters. Dialogue that will challenge your limiting perception of yourself and invite you to find the truth of who you are and what is really possible for you. 

I remember, when I was a little girl, how much I loved playing a certain game I had invented. My friends and I would imagine that we had hidden powers and that the way to activate them was to find a spot somewhere on our bodies – a mole, a birthmark, anything… and then press it three times in a particular way. This we believed would awaken our super-powers and we would then be able to do whatever our hearts desired!

The belief that we each carry something unique and very special inside us is what has determined the course of my adult life. It is that belief that propelled me towards leaving my home country and venturing out into a big world I knew very little about. Since then, I have devoted myself to searching for who I truly am and for the ways that would enable me to discover that hidden power within myself. Now it is my mission to help you find your power and unleash the gifted woman within you.

My coaching is tailored exclusively for each individual that I work with. Depending on where you are on your journey we will work together for anything from three months to a whole year. There are three distinct phases we will go through: firstly, seeking out and exploring your unique gifts and desires that long to be expressed; secondly, embodying your femininity and your true power that lies within it; and finally, finding the freedom to play big in your life and have fun along the way!

Together we dare!

Grace has an uncanny ability to look inside her clients, past all your bullshit assertions and assumptions and read directly to the core of your issues through the patterns you display – both told and untold. Rather than writing out the past in therapy, Grace helps to move past the core trauma and map a new pattern to avoid recreating those same results in the future. I loved hearing her accurate, completely spot on assessments – painful as they may be! – and move on with a precise evaluation and next steps. As a homework junkie, I really enjoy Grace’s concrete plans (even when they’re challenging!); and her ongoing support is the perfect integration between session work and reality. The exercises and practices Grace suggests do more than just heal – they help her clients move on to be the women we are meant to be (and already are!)

Rishe Groner, NYC

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