“Grace is an incredibly talented, gifted, creative, vulnerable, passionate and caring coach. She radiates pure love and childlike joy. During her coaching sessions she takes you on the journey to  meet your soul. She guides you back home to yourself by connecting you to your gifts and talents, your intuition, your inner mentor, your intelligence that is seeking expression through you. I am grateful that I had the pleasure to meet her in this lifetime. She literally changed my life and she helped me realize my greatness, inspired me to explore my creativity and challenged me to come out of my comfort zone. I got so much clarity on my path after having only 6 sessions with her. She spoke directly to my soul with a loving and nurturing voice, making me feel comfortable to be myself fully, share my deepest desires, face my fears, and heal deep-rooted emotional pain that I have been carrying around since I was a child. She helped me to embrace my shame and guilt and showed me the path to light by gently asking me deep and meaningful questions. I truly love Grace and recommend to work with her if you desire to expirence the life of your dreams!”

– Tatiana Queen, USA

“Grace is an amazingly talented coach, she was able to hear and see where I was stuck in my business with insight, humility and grace. I was in a place of being stuck, feeling low on energy and uninspired as to how to move forward. Within the first session I had my motivation back and through the following 12 sessions I made great progress on my path, with a new business plan coming together and subsequently ticking off action steps within my personal and professional life that were effortless. What I love most about Grace’s approach were the insightful questions that she asked me! Simple questions that when asked at the right time propelled me to see my life and my business from a higher perspective and re-ignite the fire of enthusiasm and joy within me for my life’s mission.”

– Rebecca Hanscombe, UK

“I had the pleasure to work with Grace and the results were phenomenal! She helped me unblock my ideas for the foundation that me and my best friend are spearheading. We started from me being very unsure of what I needed to do and ended with so much clarity and understanding! Her process for me represents gentle guidance and nurturing presence. It was a wonderful experience of “birthing of ideas” and I am grateful that she was there to hold me through it.”

– Lana Jelenjev, Netherlands

“I couldn’t be more grateful for meeting Grace when I did. Through her Artist’s Way Workshop, I experienced generosity, healing, increased self-awareness, and made a new friend. Her incredible ability to listen intently, recall information and find answers from a place of stillness and truth make her the perfect life coach. My life has been touched by this woman’s presence.”

– Nicole Loli, USA

“I am very grateful to the Universe that it gave me the chance to meet Grace. I want to thank her for inspiring me to trust in myself! Grace is a wonderful human being and an incredible teacher. She took my hand and helped me get on a path for self-discovery … I am looking forward for her to be by my side as I continue this wonderful journey called life!”

– Ilona Hmelnicka, USA

“When I first met “Grace Dares” I thought what a wonderful name! … She is grace personified. She dares to pursue her passions. She dares to share herself, her warmth, love and knowledge … and embraces others with true caring. I am amazed by Grace’s insight and perception … Anyone she works with can only benefit from the experience. She is all inspiration and light. I am so happy to have met her. My life has been truly enriched just from having her in it.”

– Joanna Newman, USA

“Sometimes life throws you lemons and you try to make lemonade but it’s not quite right. It’s a bit tart and you start slowly adding sugar until you get the right amount  of sweetness. Grace was the right amount of “sweetness”. She listened and motivated me to find ME again!! Her sessions were informative, encouraging and real…Grace, I am forever inspired and elevated by your coaching!!”

– Sabirah Parker, USA

“… Grace is a fantastic listener, empathetic, courageous, and a strong woman. I highly recommend any course that Grace leads, she made me want to be a better person by her example.”

– Christy Denton, USA

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