We Dare!

We are gifted women

With something important to share

We care

We have done our best

To fit in

To meet the expectations of others

To heed our so-called authority figures

Now we dare!

It is the call of our gifted-self

To break all the rules

To step into our truth

We dare! 

We dare to no longer diminish ourselves

We dare to never abandon our truth

We choose not to fit in with what we dislike

Instead we give birth

To the new

To the light 

Approval is not what we seek

We are free to displease

We turn to our wisdom

We bring radical freedom

We lead with compassion

We stand for expansion

We dare!

We dare to walk our path

A route that cannot be planned

With every onward step we return to the heart 

This is a journey that all undertake

And a powerful future

That we create

We are who we have been waiting for

We are here


We Dare! 


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